DW#4: STOP AB 2072!

Deaf Who Comic #4 –  Where is American Sign Language!?!?!? Please call, fax or send a postcard to the nine senators of Senate Health Committee to vote NO to  AB 2072 when it goes to the floor on Wednesday, June 16, 2010!    To find your senator in your area, go to http://www.opposeab2072.com/. Deaf Truth will set you FREE and become PROACTIVE for the sake of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing children everywhere!


DW#1: No DVTV!


I am so WEARY of all the negative behavior  — backstabbing, pulling people down, and audism within DVTV.   Enough is ENOUGH — I have no further interest in being a part of DVTV.  So long, DVTV!

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DW#0: I’m Back!

***Waving Hands***  Me Backkkkk from the old Vlog/Blog!!!  It is time for one of my dreams to come true with many features on Comics Life. You can’t imagine what I do lately!  I still draw more comics which will come eventually. Keep your EYES on the future posts! Deaf Who Comics can connect to anyone in DeafRead and Facebook fans who love to read comics which are full of different feelings such as laughter, sadness, happiness and a wide array of free expression!